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Blood Typing Test Kit - 1 test
Blood Typing Test
Hermetically sealed EldonCard Blood Typing Card; long point lancet; alcohol prep swab pad; special comb sample application device; transfer pipette; and detailed color result charts and instructions.

A simple, quick test to determine blood (ABO) type and Rhesus Factor (Rh).  Contains everything necessary to provide blood group and Rh factor.  This patented, specially designed test card comes pre-treated and impregnated with the antibody sera Anti-A, Anti-B, and Anti-Rh used universally for determining blood type by the forward typing method.

Eldoncards manufactured by Eldon Biologicals A/S, are approved by FDA Bureau of Medical Devices, Class II, section 510(K) for physical exams, blood type screening in doctor's offices, schools and employment settings, and by The Federal Institute of Sera and Vaccines, Paul-Ehrlich-Institute of Germany for Bedside testing prior to Transfusion.
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 Blood Typing Test Kit